Entertainment Shows

Fashion and entertainment combine seamlessly to form a thrilling show. A broad audience is being addressed, a story or a motto is staged and set in motion by various artists and models. Acrobats, musicians, dancers, comedians are being integrated into the presentation of the latest collections, bringing fashion to life.

A connection that is perfect for an unbelievable highlight at your fashion event. Feel the emotion of fashion and create unforgettable moments for your audience.


Product presentations are an equally important part of any show. We bring products and services to the stage with plenty of creativity, implemented spectacularly by our team.

There are no limits, just space for ideas and possibilities.



Runway Shows

Fashion is the focus with the collection and the works stand boldly in the foreground. Every intricate detail sits perfectly on the model while the audience anticipates the big moment on the catwalk.

What’s more impressive is our models present not only the garments of a show; they bring life to every single outfit.


Runway shows bring the art of presentation, passion for esthetics and the special works of the designers and companies to the forefront.

Fashion is love from every single fiber.



Wedding Shows

Palpable emotions immerse the audience in a world full of love and romance!

The latest collections from bridal fashion designers float down the catwalk-glamourous, playful, elegant or vintage. Models seduce and inspire the audience with the latest trends. While the future bride is still dreaming of a princess dress or the perfect dress in the Boho style, her soon-to-be groom discovers a variety of suits that are not only presented tailor made but can also be designed on request.


Every detail is paramount for the perfect wedding, therefore a wide variety of accessories including floral decorations should not be overlooked.

At our wedding shows you will experience touching moments of inspiration that will make your unique day unforgettable.